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" 札龍 - The Road to Card Dragon " Trailer

For the advanced magician, Takumi Takahashi teaches a variety of his own unique uses of Lateral Palm.
As well as several shifts and some of his most iconic table work. Filmed from multiple angles and topped off with slowmotion clips.
All meticulously taught and performed in a way that benefits beginners aswell, but be warned. These are highly challenging moves even for the most dexterous of magicians.
If your looking for a challenge, this is for you.

" Flip Shift "
A card control using Deck Flip

" Deck Flip Shot "
A card shot move using Deck Flip

"Deck Flip Pass "
A visual pass using Deck Flip

" Takumi Change "
A card change with no cover

" Drop Steal "
A card steal using Lateral Palm

" Takumi Bottom Shot "
A multiple card bottom shot

" Cards to Coins "
A visual routine using cards and coins

" Bonus Movie "
Making of Card Dragon

言語:日本語&英語 / English
ステレオ 約65分

Executive Producer :LEO Takayama
Directer :Hiroshi Horiuchi
Cinematographer : Yohei Fukuda
Assistant Director : Yu Kotaka
Assistant Producer : Kazutaka"Buchi"Iwabuchi
Making Director : Satsuki Araya

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¥4,500 tax included