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" Rentatsu " DVD

“From one thing, know ten thousand things” - Musashi Miyamoto from The Book of Five Rings

Definition of Rentatsu
noun, suru verb 1. expert(ise); skill; dexterity

“Size doesn’t matter”
In 2017, Takumi Takahashi released “A study on Lennart Green”
It was highly praised for how well everything was taught.
Since then however the most questions people ask are about how to “perform” the Laser Deal without flashing or how they don’t dare performing these effects in a live show.
Takumi wants to share his insights and the mentality of Lennart Green’s iconic routine.
He wishes more people to be able to perform it with confidence and to remove some of the fear associated with Lennart’s legendary legacy moves.

The basic knowledge of Snap Deal:
Lateral Palm
Snap Deal
Snap Deal Control
Multiple Snap Deal
Lateral Palm Transfer

Demonstration Laser Deal:
How to perform the Laser Deal in a live show more confidently

Follow the Leader:
Performance of the classic card magic combined with the Snap Deal

Takumi’s take on the classic triumph with Oil & Water routine

Birthday Card:
An unique card magic using a classic mathematical principle

Out of Södertälje:
A new Out of this World routine using a self-working principle for finding the chosen card

Language: English
Subtitles: Japanese
100 minutes

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¥4,000 tax included